That is just Sexy as Hell!

What is SEXY?????

I was thinking about it so thought I would just make a list.  Ladies you know you do it on purpose, but to tell you the truth when you do it without thinking it is even sexier.

1.  A woman that drives a truck will cause more unintended wood then a tornado in Oklahoma!  Getting out of a big pickup or SUV in you little shorts ought to be a crime!  We are very happy it isn’t though.

2.  Pony Tails!  Oh my this one really gets to me.  A “Betty” my age in a ball cap with a pony tail pulled out the back, you might as well call the paramedics because the sudden loss of blood to my brain might just make me pass out!  Ponies in general are a wonderful thing but that combination!!!

3.  A woman wearing one of my shirts (and NOTHING else).  Whether she is going to bed in my T shirt or just got up and pulled on one of my button downs.  She will Not make it out of the bedroom!

4.  Less is SO much more!  When a woman rocks minimal makeup and owns it like a Coach purse, WOW!  The simple fact is that we love you without all the war paint, not that you don’t look great with it on!  Going with the basics and owning it is so sexy!  Maybe it is a confidence thing.

5.  This is a mix of 3 and 4 but it deserves it’s on slot on the list.  Ladies when you are putting on your make up and you are wearing a robe that just so happens to fall open a bit, or the T shirt and you stand on your tippy toes and the bottom curve of your bottom becomes barely visible.  Cancel the reservations but keep the baby sitter!!!  Dear God you either love to tease us or what us dead from a heart attack!  Whatever it is Please don’t stop doing it.  You may not be ready on time but your knuckle dragger  won’t mind.

6.  This one may or may not be a favorite for other men but for me I will admit you will get what ever you want if you ask for it when….  You are fresh out of the shower or tub and you wear your towel around your waist man style.  Sweet baby Jesus!  I don’t care that your hair is also in a towel!  Your Warn wet skin and exposed Breasts leave me defenseless.  So ask for the expensive stuff then.


Those are my top 6.  I am sure if I thought longer I could make it 10 but whats the point.  Those 6 are more than plenty for any man!  I know that I average about a 1000 hits a month on this blog.  I would love to hear what you my female and male readers think.  It won’t take you long fellas to add your favorites to my list.  Ladies I want to know if you understand the power you have, even when you don’t try.


For my Rock and Roll readers here is a Blast from the past!  I love that bandanna! Turn it UP!

For my Country readers enjoy this little diddie!!


Do me a favor kids spend less time talking and more time Kissing!  Have a week Bitches!!!  One more for the road!







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